airtel dish tv customer care number

airtel dish tv customer care number

Input: What do you need to know about your rights as a worker?


The government has been working towards making the workplace safer for employees and empowering them with the proper tools to fight any form of sexual harassment at work. The recently enacted Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act 2017 is one such law that serves this purpose. part 1 business regulatory framework 

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Airtel is the largest wireless service provider in India, serving more than 140 million customers. At present, the company has about 14.6 million TV subscribers across its platform and has witnessed a growth of more than 200% since 2005 when it started its television service. The company has made significant investment in technology and infrastructure to improve customer experience and as a result, Airtel dish tv customers number increased significantly. 

According to data revealed by CVR Research, the average monthly video consumption in India is 10 hours per month. The report also reveals that television sets are more expensive in India than their counterparts in developed countries. part 2 principals of business management 

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More than 2,00,000 Indians have already registered their interest to buy Airtel DTH. Airtel is the country’s largest DTH provider with over 4 million subscribers. DTH plans are designed for people who can't afford or don't need to connect their TV sets to a regular landline phone line. part 3 management accounting 

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Airtel dish tv offers a range of programming including movies, sports, entertainment, kids and news. It is available in Delhi and also in other parts of India like Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh. Airtel dish tv delivers over 90 channels to its customers. The service is available on digital platform via Airtel TV application and also on set top boxes (STB).