Drexel's Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers different sorts of brain science certifications to best meet the interests and profession objectives of our understudies. Our certifications incorporate undergrad, expert's and doctorate programs, as well as minors in brain research and neuroscience.

Four year education in science in Psychology Degree (BS)

Understudies in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program figure out how to approach and observe replies to significant inquiries in regards to human way of behaving, perception and feeling, and how to apply their discoveries to further develop lives. Understudies have the amazing chance to direct research close by the office's recognized workforce, who lead imaginative exploration and clinical activities in regions including wellbeing, scientific, mental, human test, neuro and clinical brain science.

M.Sc Chemistry Resonance Spectroscopy photochemistry 

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Sped up BS + MS Degree in Psychology (BS, MS)

The sped up Bachelor's and Master's (BS + MS) in Psychology program gives a potential chance to choose college understudies to finish their undergrad schooling and expert's educational plan in five years. Through this program, expected BS + MS understudies are distinguished when initially conceded as undergrad brain science majors. Following a survey and smoothed out permission process, up to five understudies can be chosen each program year. If empty spaces exist for understudies in some random program year, understudies may likewise be chosen from undergrad brain research studies great standing who apply for the sped up brain science certificate program in their lesser year of undergrad study.

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Sped up "3+3" Bachelor's/JD Dual Degree in Psychology and Law (BS, JD)

This "3 + 3" Bachelor's/JD Dual Degree program consolidates the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology inside the College of Arts and Sciences with the Juris Doctorate (JD) in Law inside Thomas Kline School of Law. Through this program, possible BS/JD understudies might be distinguished when initially conceded as entering green beans brain research majors. At long last, this is a "3 + 3" program permitting qualified understudies to acquire their BS and JD degrees in six years.

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M.Com Private Advanced cost accountant 

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Expert of Science in Psychology Degree (MS)

The Master of Science in Psychology degree is great for understudies who wish to seek after high level training in logical brain science and examination techniques. This exploration based program permits understudies to venture out into graduate training and start a way toward further instructive and profession valuable open doors. The educational program trains understudies in a scope of examination encounters in neurocognitive and social sciences.

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Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Degree (PhD)

Drexel University's PhD in Clinical Psychology trains clinical analysts in the researcher professional model. This model puts generally equivalent accentuation on clinical examination and the utilization of logical standards, with an accentuation on the incorporation of mental science and practice. Understudies get expansive instruction that remembers preparing for mediation and evaluation, as well as a prologue to the science and practice of clinical brain research. The program is completely licensed by the American Psychological Association. The Drexel program offers four fixations: Clinical Neuropsychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Forensic Psychology, and Health Psychology.

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Doctorate in Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences Psychology Degree (PhD)

Drexel University's PhD in Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences (ACBS) is an exploration concentrated program accentuating mental inquiries of true importance, grounded in essential issues and techniques for fundamental science. The ACBS program was intended to be little to offer individual association with coaches. It underscores thorough quantitative and systemic preparation to engage understudies to seek after research without specialized impediments.

LLB Part 1 Law of Crime - II 

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Double PhD + JD Degree in Clinical Psychology and Law (PhD, JD)

The Thomas R. Kline School of Law and the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences offer a joint and incorporated PhD + JD in Psychology and Law. The program intends to overcome any issues between regulation - which depends on rules concerning proof, verification, and point of reference to resolve clashes that require prompt goal - and brain research, which sees issues through an experimental focal point, assessing questions yet seldom finishing in a last decision. Understudies gain an appreciation and ability in the two customs, dominating the techniques, dialects, and epistemologies of each.

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Brain research Department Minors Psychology (Minor)

The minor in Psychology furnishes understudies with the abilities to break down individual mental cycles to all the more likely comprehend, make sense of and anticipate human way of behaving. Understudies should meet with a brain research employee to talk about the courses that best accommodated their major and interests. The minor may likewise hold any importance with understudies who have an interest in a twofold major yet can't fulfill every one of the prerequisites in two significant fields.

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M.Sc Botany Biotechnology 

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Neuroscience (Minor)

The minor in Neuroscience permits understudies from a huge range of disciplines the chance for formalized study in Neuroscience. This interdisciplinary minor coordinates content from cell, atomic, and frameworks neurobiology with neuropsychology, giving understudies a solid groundwork in fundamental standards of neurobiology and neuropsychology. This minor, a cooperative exertion between the Department of Biology and the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, is available to understudies in any major with an interest in concentrating on neuroscience to acquire a more profound comprehension of the natural and mental standards basic cerebrum work.