The mother of a female Ivy League swimmer said there's an explanation no such competitor has opened up to the world to raise worries about Lia Thomas: They're scared.

The unknown lady said the association's female swimmers were constrained by their colleges to not say anything to the press regarding transsexual contender Thomas in a video delivered Tuesday by the Independent Women's Forum named "XX ≠ XY: The Fight to Save Women's Sports."

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"At the point when the news began seeking clarification on some things, the schools for each situation across the Ivy League pulled their swimmers to the side and said, you're not permitted to discuss this," said the lady, who said her girl has gone up against Thomas.

"They're scared," she said. "They're scared of losing companions, they're terrified of being started off their groups, they're scared of being told by their colleges that they're transphobic and scornful."

The video's delivery comes two days before the NCAA Division I ladies' swimming and plunging titles in Atlanta, where 22-year-old Thomas, a University of Pennsylvania senior, is a main competitor in three free-form occasions.

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The mother said she initially became mindful of Thomas right off the bat in the 2021-22 season subsequent to seeing the senior's times.

"I was simply looking through the outcomes, and I thought: Who is Lia Thomas? For what reason don't I know this name?" she said. "The possibility that there was an Ivy League swimmer that was equipped for going 1:46 in the 200 free in a training suit in a double meet was stunning."

She said she watched Thomas, who swam for a considerable length of time in UPenn's men's group prior to progressing to female in front of the 2021-22 season, take various spots from female partners.

"Heavenly cow, we will discuss a male swimmer, a totally mature male, endeavoring to bring down female-symbol records, and taking a spot in an Ivy group from one of the Penn swimmers who had legitimately merited it," said the mother. "This individual will swim each hand-off going ahead at title meets, will take a situation from a lady in the movement group, will take a space in each last."

She said different swimmers anticipated that the college authorities should mediate, yet they didn't.

All things considered, the Ivy League, Harvard and UPenn have made announcements on the side of Thomas, who went through one year of testosterone concealment prior to being permitted to contend according to NCAA rules.

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"Toward the beginning of the period, the young ladies imagined that, obviously this isn't correct," said the mother. "They imagined that the colleges would perceive that there was an issue, and that they ought not be ready to contend with a male, a completely mature male, to dominate races or have open doors. As the year went on, obviously they won't transform anything."

She added that she has stayed mysterious to try not to have her girl experience a kickback.

"I don't need my girl to have any repercussions in light of my longing to stand up for sex-based freedoms and portrayal for ladies," said the mother. "She has the right to have a school experience immaculate by this issue."

Something like two UPenn female swimmers have offered unknown remarks to news sources censuring Thomas' investment.

Sixteen of Thomas' partners sent a letter last month without delivering their names on the side of USA Swimming's harder qualification rules for transsexual competitors. The NCAA declined to carry out those principles for the 2021-22 Division I titles.

The LGBTQ bunch Athlete Ally posted last month a letter endorsed by in excess of 300 male and female NCAA, Team USA and Olympic swimmers on the side of Thomas.

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"With this letter, we express our help for Lia Thomas, and all transsexual school competitors, who should have the option to partake in protected and inviting athletic conditions," said the Feb. 10 letter.

Thomas is ready to turn into the principal transsexual swimmer to win a NCAA Division I ladies' crown at the titles, which run March 16-19.